All of our programs are fully inclusive, and designed to create a nurturing environment that facilitates a point of entry into building vibrant relationships with—and among—both “special needs” and “non-special needs” individuals

Wonders Of The New Millennium

Explorations based on strengthening the scientific link between hands-on experimentation and powerful learning. Students discover how to leverage the power of their minds and bodies to help them learn difficult scientific concepts and phenomena. Participants facilitate experiments, inventions, and innovations, utilizing various methods of mental visualization and physical movement. They are guided towards becoming skilled at relaxing their minds as well as their bodies so as to enhance their exploration and comprehension of the myriad wonders of science.


Sunshine Yoga And Mindfulness

An inspirational mindfulness program aimed at empowering an individual’s natural thirst for knowledge. Sessions involve student engagement with songs, play, poses, and visualization, while learning/advancing their social, sensory and motor skills as well as flexibility, balance, and coordination. Physical bodies can be strengthened through learning yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques. Built around a core of connection, collaboration, and celebration, this program teaches students to love themselves for who they really are, while also learning to be responsible members of their community.


Peaceful Warriors

An immersion program based on subtle compassion, extrasensory perception, amplified intuition, and the guiding principle of significance over success. Students are provided the opportunity to explore their vast resources of imagination and discover their life journey. Participants learn to open skills deep within themselves, become more innovative, make intuitive choices, and consciously take care of themselves and the planet

Creative Art Pilot

Here, students are fully in command…and the sky is the limit! These sessions allow participants to express their own uniqueness through various forms of graphic arts and crafts within the context of a generous, non-judgmental, nurturing group environment. Restrictions are intentionally held to a necessary minimum, and guidelines are left broad and open. Students are given ample time and space to make their own special creation. They are also provided a collection of materials, objects, and art supplies to trigger and stimulate artistic renderings of their original expressions. Students have the freedom to connect the hand, eye, and brain in a simultaneously cognitive and intuitive manner. Support and guidance are always available and provided if/as necessary. Learning such self-expression through arts and crafts is a proven gateway for students to relax and communicate in their own unique way.

Joyful Dance And Movement

An integrative dance and movement program to assist participants to express and externalize emotion, release tension, and eliminate stress. In this program, students celebrate life through movement and imagery. Dance and movement expand perceptions of the world at large while deepening a sense of connection to the community through peer-partnerships and overall dynamic social interactions. It is a way of remapping neuropathways, reconnecting with joy, and finding that spark of inner sunshine. Additionally, the natural release of endorphins provide an immediately heightened state of wellness.

Back To Nature

A vibrant nature-based program designed for children and youth, where participants actively use their senses in the learning process. The program includes earth-play, nature-inspired discovery, exploration of gardening and biodiversity, learning science, math, geometry, and literacy through nature (storytelling). Lateral reasoning (thinking outside the box) is emphasized and encouraged. It is conducted in sensory-rich natural play environments, with hands-on experiences designed to teach individual concepts, while equipping students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills and tools to face and surmount challenges.

Embodied Learning Of Foreign Language

This is an immersion program that delivers a more holistic and organic engagement with a new language. Students experience a richer, fuller learning experience by connecting words and phrases to the actions they perform. Vocabulary is expanded—and more crucially, memory and retention are further strengthened—through the natural process of learning by associating the fundamentals of language with specific actions, exploration of their surroundings, and also through touch and movement. They are taught elements of the culture, traditions, performing arts, and music originating from the country whose native tongue is being taught.

Discover Your Passion

Designed to ignite each participant’s motivation to add his/her unique value to the world, it is based on free, self-directed, spontaneous, and imaginative activities and interactions with peers. A conversation is one of the best ways to learn more about our world and to encounter new passions. Students are encouraged to be open-minded and inquisitive, and to enthusiastically engage in free exploratory discussions in their own areas of interest. The discovery of passion stems just as much from external inquiry as it does from self-inquiry in what makes.

Youth Leadership Summer Program

The program offers students both educational and enrichment activities, such as youth development activities, project based learning, service learning, prevention programs (drug-abuse, violence, and unintended pregnancy), counseling, character education, and recreation elements that are designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program of participating students. The objectives of the program are to awaken creativity, innovation, and curiosity as well as to improve school attendance, academic achievement and in-school behavior of students participating in youth leadership programs. During the course of this program, the youth participant identifies various personal attributes that contribute to peace at school, home, and community. Every student participates in training opportunities, including guest speakers, youth symposium, daily innovation, STEM projects, health education, and environmental workshops. We emphasize peer-leadership over adult guidance. Having the youth take the lead on teaching one another principles of kindness, empathy, care, and courteous behavior, fosters a more organic unity among all participants.