Turning Limitations Into Possibilities!

The children, and our dynamic staff of teachers, hope that we can count on your support! Your Sunshine is a 501(c)3 charity. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law.

Your support make an immediate difference in the lives of children and youth we empower and educate every day. Our mission can be achieved with the generous support of philanthropic individuals, corporations, organizations, and the community. Children and teens with special needs have won over our hearts and focused our passionate intellects to finding fresh solutions to the unique challenges they face. We are eager to help them to open up to the outside world even though they might be hurt and/or feel fearful to be vulnerable with others. Without intentional engagement and support, such potent gifts may remain hidden and our community may never benefit from their contributions. These individuals are a vital resource to our community; they have the potential to enrich lives. When we open our minds and hearts, we open doors of opportunity for individuals with special needs. We encourage everyone to create a whole new world of possibilities for a stronger community. Therefore, we invite you to consider how you might open a door of opportunity for individuals with special needs by sponsoring and/or supporting with donations .

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