About Us

MISSION: Enrich and improve the social, physical, emotional, and recreational capabilities of all children, youth, and adults, so that they can fully discover and develop their full potential in a nurturing environment, and be prepared to make a positive impact in the world by actualizing this potential.

Who We Are

Your Sunshine is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization devoted to live the dreams of the children, youth and adults with special needs, through unfolding their talents, creativity, gifts, and extraordinary abilities so that they may grow them! Your Sunshine is created by a core group of enthusiastic, 

philanthropic, and dedicated founders with a deep passion for effecting change in the human condition. The founders and staff wholeheartedly strive to embrace the highest and finest in the human spirit… the immense reserves of strength of the human will, and the depth of vast hidden powers of

the mind and brain that science has only now begun to formulate a more precise understanding of—and a gradually increasing precision of descriptive language for. The main thrust of each new day at Your Sunshine is to make the world a better place for all individuals—and especially for those amongst us with special needs.