It’s Universal Children’s Day! (November 20)

By November 20, 2017blogs

Today (November 20) is Universal Children’s Day, a day on which children’s rights, welfare, and empowerment are highlighted as internationally important issues.

All children deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and love.  This is why Your Sunshine makes it our mission to empower all children and help them realize their immense worth and potential.  Kids should all get a chance to be shown that they have gifts and abilities to be unlocked, regardless of any disability or special needs they may have.

Our social, emotional, physical, and recreational programs and activities all help contribute positively to the well-being and development of youth and adolescents. 

We seek to not only make the world a better, more positive place for the children we serve, we hope to provide them with the means to grow and in turn bring their own positivity to the world.

Remember today to think of all children and our responsibility to nurture and guide them.

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