Anastasia Martynova on Working With Kids Through Your Sunshine

By September 15, 2017blogs

By Anastasia Martynova

“When I look at the kids, I see kids: their smile, innocence, and pure heart. I don’t focus on a disability or label; instead I see the precious and wonderful blessing of their lives. I admire their beauty, their joy, and their happiness for every moment.

When I was growing up as a child with special needs, I learned to cry tears of joy for all of life’s lessons and to smile with serenity during the tough times in my life. I realized that challenges make me stronger and guide me on my path and life purpose. I am grateful for the different journey life prepared for me. No diagnosis or label can define the depth of pure heart or gifts and talents.

Life is like a storm full of experiences, emotions, and feelings. My hope and belief is so strong; everything is possible with the power of determination and unconditional love. Everything starts with love. Love is infinite. It is a nurturing and healing miracle by itself. My deepest gratitude goes to all kids and teens who teach us what life is about. Your Sunshine honors and supports everyone for who they are.”

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