Anastasia Martynova Certified in Strong by Zumba

By October 26, 2017blogs

Martynova was certified at the One World Fitness Conference by Master Trainer Renee Pickett.

By Tallie Dameron

Anastasia Martynova is the founder of Your Sunshine, which is based on the discovery of “inner sunshine.” Discovering your inner sunshine should bring out joy, cheer, and greater potential from within. Martynova founded the organization to make the dreams of children, youth and adults with special needs come true by unfolding their talents and creativity.

Martynova grew up as a child with special needs so she knows what it feels like to be different from others. While facing her own challenges, she developed a compassion towards all individuals with special needs. She is now devoted to programs and curriculum for people with special needs to develop skills, talents and lasting friendships.

Martynova is a successful entrepreneur, teacher, and yoga instructor. She recently became certified in Strong by Zumba by Master Trainer Renee Pickett. This was at the One World Fitness Conference on Oct. 22.

Strong by Zumba is based on high intensity interval training with synced music that combines body weight, muscle conditioning and cardio. Despite her challenges, Martynova remained strong and believed in herself, which helped her reach this impressive goal.

“It was a privilege to learn the life journey of Renee Pickett, who is one of the initiators of Strong by Zumba. She is dedicated to help others live a healthier and happier life,” Martynova said.

Renee Pickett from Strong by Zumba is a cheerful and uplifting person that always has a smile on her face.  Despite her tough personality and success, she was told as a child that she would need to use a walker and give up any intense activities. Pickett never gave up on her dream and kept progressing with her health by working hard and doing physical therapy. She is now a mother, personal trainer, and Master Trainer by Zumba Fitness. She achieved all of this by overcoming fear and stayingpositive.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. No challenges should stop you from unlocking your gift. We are all special and unique,” Pickett said.

The key to overcoming a health challenge is to keep moving despite the challenges. Martynova and Pickett are perfect examples of staying positive and working hard to achieve life goals. Both of these women are successful despite the challenges they faced throughout their lives, and that should be motivation for anyone struggling to reach goals.

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