Enrich and improve the social, physical, emotional, and recreational capabilities of all children, youth, and adults, so that they can fully discover and develop their full potential in a nurturing environment, and be prepared to make a positive impact in the world by actualizing this potential.

Who We Are:

Your Sunshine is a 501(c) 3 organization devoted to live the dreams of the children, youth and adults with special needs, through unfolding their talents, creativity, gifts, and extraordinary abilities so that they may grow them! Your Sunshine is created by a core group of enthusiastic, philanthropic, and dedicated founders with a deep passion for effecting change in the human condition. The founders and staff wholeheartedly strive to embrace the highest and finest in the human spirit… the immense reserves of strength of the human will, and the depth of vast hidden powers of the mind and brain that science has only now begun to formulate a more precise understanding of—and a gradually increasing precision of descriptive language for. The main thrust of each new day at Your Sunshine is to make the world a better place for all individuals—and especially for those amongst us with special needs.


1. The practice of self-expression: Express one’s innate passion through various arts, creativity, imagination, scientific exploration, nature, and discovery process.

2. The practice of living purposefully: Discover the brain’s untapped potential powers for the attainment of life purpose and goals.

3. The practice of self-trust: Learn skills to listen to inner resources of the emotional, mental, and physical state of being, to better navigate the world.

4. The practice of exploring holistic arts of well-being and therapeutic approaches: Kindle an individual’s mind and encourage the entire developmental process of self-discovery through an exploration of relevant holistic arts and therapeutic approaches.


Whenever one door closes, we are all uniquely equipped to find another door to open. The philosophy of Your Sunshine is based on realization and discovery of inner sunshine. Inner Sunshine is a metaphoric expression of the vast untapped resources, life force, joy, cheer, and greater potential within each human being. Lasting and positive change is effected systematically throughout the whole organization and in each and every willing participant; such change originates from the consistent introspection and dynamic evolution of the founders themselves.

Having grown up as a child with special needs, Anastasia Martynova, Founder, gained lifelong insights through her first-hand experiences in what it truly feels like to be different from others. While facing her own challenges in the context of complex societal norms and harsh misconceptions, she developed a motivation to look beyond limitations, while allowing for the growth of deep compassion and keen understanding toward all individuals with special needs, even as she began to define (and continually refine) her core values and personal ethos. As one who has actually walked the path of a life lived differently, and as a creative and talented individual, entrepreneur, teacher, and mindfulness/yoga instructor, Ms. Martynova is devoted to deliver the robust programs and curriculum  to persons of special needs (as well as to their loved ones) to help develop skills, talents, and friendships, provide community and support, and to empower them and add worth and value to their view of themselves, while readying them for a more vital future as members of our global society.

We aim to enrich and improve the social, physical, emotional, and recreational capabilities of all children, youth, and adults and are constantly striving to make a positive impact in the world.